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Ferrari - The Prancing Horse


An Icon of Style, Luxury and Speed. The Ferrari Logo, with its prancing horse symbolizes Italian luxury, exclusivity, performance design and quality the world over. A legend built on decades of sporting successes and the inimitable style of its cars are a source of inspiration for millions of enthusiasts.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Ferarri SF90 Stradale The Ferrari SF90 Stradale is the first-ever mid-engine Ferrari with all-wheel drive, and its V-8 engine being the most powerful eight-cylinder Ferrari has ever installed in a road car.

The V-8 is a 4.0-liter unit, and generates 769 horsepower at 7500 and puts down 590 pound-feet of torque on its own. Coupled with three electric motors—two on the front axle and a third between the engine and the eight-speed dual-clutch transaxle—join the V-8 and are powered by a 7.9-kWh lithium-ion battery. Those electric motors combine for a maximum of 217 horsepower, bringing the Ferrari's total system output to 986 horsepower!
piston986speed2.5 topspeedo211

Ferrari LaFerrari

Ferrari LaFerrari

LaFerrari Ferrari chose to call this model LaFerrari, because it is the maximum expression of what defines Ferrari - excellence. Excellence in terms of technological innovation, performance, visionary styling and the sheer thrill of driving. Aimed at collectors, LaFerrari is a truly extraordinary car which encompasses advanced solutions that, in the future, will find their way onto the rest of the range, and it represents the benchmark for the entire automotive industry. LaFerrari is the finest expression of Ferrari's unique, unparalleled engineering and design know-how, including that acquired in Formula 1
piston950speed2.5 topspeedo218

Ferrari Enzo


Ferrari Enzo

The Ferrari Enzo is a historic car for Ferrari for many and various reasons. Therefore Ferrari had to chose a name with a strong symbolic significance and that was the name of the Company founder. With an F1 gearbox, a V12 engine, carbon and composite materials, the Ferrari Enzo, is the perfect synthesis of four consecutive Formula 1 Championships. This is because it is the race track itself which has been the source of the highest level of technology characterizing a unique car which is absolutely innovative and represents the quintessence of Ferrari past and present and looks to the Ferrari of the future.
piston650speed3.3 topspeedo209

Ferrari F50

Ferrari F50

F50 The Ferrari F50 is a mid-engined range-topping hypercar introduced in 1995, as a successor to the F40, to celebrate Ferrari's 50th anniversary. The car is a two door, two seat convertible with a removable hardtop. It has a 4.7 L naturally-aspirated 60-valve V12 engine that was developed from the 3.5 L V12 used in the 1992 Ferrari F 92 A Formula 1 car.

Only 349 cars were made, one fewer than Ferrari estimated they could sell. This was, in the words of Ferrari spokesman Antonio Ghini, because Ferraris are something cultural, a monument. They must be hard to find, so we will produce one less car than the market. The last Ferrari F50 was produced in Maranello, Italy in July 1997.
piston513speed3.8 topspeedo194

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40

F40 The Ferrari F40 is a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive, two-door hypercar produced by Ferrari from 1987 to 1992 as the successor to the Ferrari 288 GTO. From 1987 to 1989 it held the title as the world's fastest street-legal production car, and during its years of production, was Ferrari's fastest, most powerful, and most expensive car. It was intended that there were to be 400 Ferrari F40 made, all painted red, but a total 1,315 F40s were produced.
piston478speed4.2 topspeedo197

Ferrari GTO



Ferrari built five 288 GTO Evoluzione models with more aggressive and aerodynamic body styling and increased power. The engine in the Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione originally put out as much as 650 hp, with weight of only 940 kg or 2,072 lbs, the car had a top speed of 225 mph. These cars form the clearest visual link between the 288 GTO and the F40 soon to follow.

Only three 288 GTO Evoluziones are still in existence, with one at the Galleria Ferrari museum in Maranello.


In 2004, Sports Car International named this car number two on the list of Top Sports Cars of the 1980s, behind its German rival the Porsche 959.

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A definition - a small, usually two seat, two door car designed for spirited performance and nimble handling. Sports carz may be spartan or luxurious but high maneuverability and minimum weight are a prerequisite.


A definition - an expensive high end sports car, specifically a very expensive, fast or powerful car. Generally it must be very fast, with sporting handling to match, it should be sleek and eye-catching and its price should be one in a rarefied atmosphere of its own.


A definition - a design concept car developed with ultra-light construction, aerodynamic styling using advanced composite materials, low-drag design, and can incorporate hybrid drives. Hypercarz can also include limited production specials from elite automakers, that have massive power and performance, as well as concept models that appeal to a variety of auto enthusiasts